Monday, December 7, 2009

No public meeting this Tuesday!

Oh my, last week was amazing.
There is still a little bit of wind in my hair from it. Oh no that's frost.

Attendees: Abigail, Rachel, Maya, Michael, Jennifer, Cassie, Caroline, Kate, Kerry, Sarah, James, Lisa
Great turnout!
Maya presented her life and work to us. Amazing.
Maya's email is and her blog is She wants to have a retreat for us at her place in California-- and thanks to the slide show we all had a little vacation to Valencia for the evening.

Kate Cahill, architect, was here to talk a little bit about the plans for building the School of the Future. She has been asking me great questions about ideas for this project, and those are posted on the blog (

Michael Wiggins and Rachel Farmer volunteered to get down with me and some grants this week to help fund operations of the union. We will be working on this on Tuesday night INSTEAD of having a big meeting.

Next Tuesday, December 14 there will be a meeting. This will be to work on projects, a few that I would like to get rolling on:
-doing a performance/applying for funding from FEAST

-designing future meetings: I will present a meeting strategy for the following Sunday so we can be sure it runs well.

-a fundraising event or sale in March: let's do some initial brainstorming

-school of the future timeline: I will present some dates and we will see who is available and what a timeline will look like.

We will have a big meeting on Sunday December 20, when Alison will lead us through some of her knowledge about astrology for the skillshare. The meeting will be from 3-5. 3pm TAU meeting, 4pm skillshare. I will put it up on facebook and send out a big email blast, so invite newbies!

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