Monday, December 21, 2009

Hypothetical Curricula for the Future

Check out for updated info about the project.

I wanted to post some hypothetical curricula as I collect them. These are possible classes, suggested by artists who might want to teach them. The field is wide open. Please send more ideas for classes or teachers.

-Public Mural Project- Traditional and Graffiti Style by Doug Groupp

-Making Art Using Fences by Doug Groupp

-Public Sculpture by Doug Groupp

-Mojo bag/Talisman/Spell- The class makes a sacred object meant to be buried for fertility and has the surprise benefit of composting—“Blessing the Ground” of flower beds. Participants will be learning about ritual, symbolism, and natural soil processes by Giselle Bailey

-Painting/recycling/moving with families: how to mix colors, paint found objects, and dance with them by Lindsay August Salazar

-Midnight astrology classes by Alison B. Levy

-Cloud watching: Looking at the sky, telling stories, walking and looking as ‘research’ by Christopher Kennedy

-Mixed media painting by Isabel Carrio

-How to go upside down in so many ways by Cassie Thornton

-How to use ArtWork as a curriculum in schools by James Andrews and Cassie

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