Saturday, December 12, 2009

Art Front Magazine


From an article by Thomas Benton:
1. Is provincial isolation compatible with modern civilization?
2. Is your art free of foreign influence?
3. What American art influences are manifest in your work?
4. Was any art form created without meaning or purpose?
5. What is the social function of a mural?
6. Can art be created without direct personal contact with the subject?
7. What is your political viewpoint?
8. Is the manifestation of social understanding in art detrimental to it?
9. Is there any revolutionary tradition for the American artist?
10. Do you believe that the future of American Art lies in the Midwest?

This is a journal from the 1930's Artist Union.
Here is a brief article that summarizes their activities and struggles-- and heck, it's right next to our own membership card. Print that dang thing up! Cut it out!

It's a great point for the beginning of a conversation on how to use the Union model as our model or our foil. I will try to get my hands on a copy from interlibrary loan so we can check it out before we start designing our guidebook.

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