Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DREAM BUILDING (on tuesdays)

Next Tuesday, December 1 we will have 2 Special Guests, it will begin at 6 and end at 8.
Come for the part that is interesting to you!

At 6, Maya Erdelyi Perez, co-founder, will present a brief history of her interaction with California. She moved away to study animation at CalArts.
At 7 Kate Cahill will be here to talk about building a mobile school building. She is an expert with a deep brainstorm constantly burning inside her. Idea explosions will take place everywhere.

Last Tuesday Ruled. (meeting notes in pictures)
Nick Normal, Abigail Weg, Sarah Julig, and Chris Kennedy came to the meeting.
We discussed the SCHOOL OF THE FUTURE, including programming, building ideas, and possible planning strategies to make a mobile school building that gets planted in Sargeant Dougherty Park this summer.

Sarah Julig came to discuss a directory for us. If you'd like to work with us on making a directory for the web and a physical manual, please email teachingartistunion@gmail and we will set up a time to meet altogether.

After the meeting, Alison Levy screened Rethinking Afghanistan and about 20 people came to watch. There were snacks. And a sauna was built on the roof afterwards, so all the scary news of the documentary was squeezed out of the pores of those who chose to sweat.

Next meeting is on Tuesday, December 1. Maya Erdelyi-Perez, a cofounder of TAU, will be in town from California, and we will begin our meeting at 6. I am hoping she will show us some of the work and life she has been working on at that time. At 7, Kate Cahill, architect, philosopher and mobile materials lab will brainstorm with us about a mobile school building. Smoke will be accumulating under the table-- Kate is a wild idea developer for the built world. Maya is hosting a dinner afterwards here, so if you'd like to join, lets make a potluck at 9. I have a big table, let's fill it with leftovers!

Recommended Survey to take (I just spoke to the director of ATA who has great intentions to understand the life and needs of TA's)
ATA's survey Teaching Artists and Their Work
clearly demonstrates Teaching Artists know what is necessary for the
work of Teaching Artists to become sustainable. If you have not taken
the survey, please do.

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