Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meeting Notes 2/21

Teaching Artist Union Meeting


In attendance – Chris, Allison Faye, Doug, Hiroshi and Jalelle

Discussion - Ideas for funding:

* Approach the people behind the education programs at Museums
* Have a dinner at a fancy persons house
* Luncheon with donors
* Ask local gallerys to sponsor and donate
* Hiroshi will check into English Kills gallery

Discussion - Outreach

* Need more visuals
* Create a Youtube/viral video
* More performance
* Still not sure what “school house” means or who the students/teachers are

Request: Create a wish list of donations needed for the school (ie. Tents for the park)

Discussion: Create more Class Ideas

* Allison – Materials based class – use stuff from the surrounding area for collaborative sculpture
* Hiroshi – would make mini-pinwheels with students that attach to fake eyelashes

Idea – Allison - have an installation at a gallery for the month of July – with a live feed of activity from the park

For next meeting Allison Faye would like to talk briefly about her art education research project: - would like to get TA’s involved.


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